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<p>Math teacher, &quot;Fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business&quot;, coach of the &quot;Tourism&quot; section, basketball player, athlete in skiing. Graduated from West Kazakhstan State University in 2006 with honors, a bachelor&#39;s degree

In mathematics. Graduated from the Eurasian Academy with honors, majoring in &quot;State and Local Administration&quot;, completed an internship at the Regional Akimat of the city of Uralsk.&nbsp;&nbsp;From 2002 to 2006, she was in the main basketball team of the city of Uralsk, has 8 prizes. She started her professional teaching career in 2006. Actively participates in the social activities of the educational system. Annually improves his professional skills. In 2013, she was awarded by the Department of Education with a certificate of honor for preparing students for the Republican contest of scientific projects &quot;Zerde&quot;. Participant of the contest &quot;Teacher of the Year-2013&quot;, where she took the III prize. In 2014, she was awarded the II prize-winning place in the I-Pedagogical readings &quot;Innovations in Education&quot;, the article was published in the book &quot;Innovative technologies: implementation experience&quot;. In the research work &quot;Deciphering musical notation through fractions&quot;, the students of the teacher took the III prize, the work was published in the book &quot;Start in Science&quot;, Pavlodar -2014. In 2015, she was awarded the diploma of the Department of Education for the preparation of the winner of the Republican contest of research and creative projects. Annually participates in the Republican Distance Olympiad in mathematics, Fundamentals of life safety, psychology, awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees. In parallel with educational activities, conducts sports activities. In 2016, she was awarded by the Department of Education with the first diploma in the competitions &quot;Ski Racing-2016&quot; among educators, the III prize-winning place. In 2018, she won the second prize in cross-country skiing, in 2019 she received a gold medal in Pavlodar region for taking the first place in cross-country skiing, was awarded a certificate of honor by the Akim of Ekibastuz and the Department of Education. In January 2020, she also took the first prize in cross-country skiing. Since 2019, in parallel with mathematics, she began teaching &quot;Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Business&quot;, prepared students for the regional Olympiad, who took the second prize. I received a letter of thanks from S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University for the preparation of the participants of the subject Olympiad on the basics of business. She prepared the participant for the competition of scientific projects on the topic: &quot;Internet entrepreneurship in various spheres of human activity&quot;, which took the III prize. Participant of the Republican Pedagogical Olympiad named after A. Baitursynova, awarded a diploma of the II degree. In March 2020, she participated in the competition &quot;Teacher of the Year 2020&quot;, where she won the first prize. The teacher is fond of mobile applications and new discoveries. In January 2020, she became a regional representative of the Bitspace mobile application. The teacher&#39;s motto is &quot;To keep up with digital Kazakhstan&quot;. The shareholder of the Bitspace company, the head of the Bitspace school, created the Blockchain team, which won the competition for 1,000,000 tenge. Mentor and Development Director of an International company.<br /> Currently, he is a business coach and mentor of the young and adult generation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a writer, a teacher of additional education of the KGKP &quot;Educational and Leisure complex &quot;Kainar&quot; of the Department of Education of the city ofEkibastuz, Department of Education of Pavlodar region &quot;Business incubator&quot;. Business coach, mentor, crisis manager and moderator of the development of collective immunity in all fields of activity, author of the program &ldquo;Become the best version of yourself!&quot;, business coach, mentor, math teacher, teacher of the basics of entrepreneurship and business, financial literacy, oratory, founder of the Republican School of Personal Growth for children and adults &quot;BSeducation&quot;, winner of the ski races of Pavlodar region among teachers, founder of the club for career guidance of young entrepreneurs &quot;Second wind&quot;, founder of the club of IT technologies and oratorical skills &ldquo;Tugyrly shanyrak&rdquo;, scientific supervisor for specialized training of gifted children of KSU &quot;Gymnasium School 35&quot;, founder and director of development of the domestic IT company &quot;BSnew&quot;, IT technology methodology, TISO, gamification. Founder of the International Methodological Community of scientists and professional figures &quot;Damu-Global&quot;, mentor of the year-2021, for the education of the young and adult generation of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.</p>

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